Hello all!

My name is Brian Logan, most people just call me Logan.

Being new to offering my services in Portland, you probably want to get a sense of my personality, and hear about my "style" before throwing money at me. Smart.

I'm an Oregon Native who has been toying with photography since the 90's. I got my start on film when my mom handed me a disposable to preoccupied my attention at a car show. Since that day, cameras still preoccupy my attention, only I'm like a foot taller. I also have an amazing dog named Dude!

My "style," is whatever is best for the project, what ever YOU want it to be. I have spent over a decade accumulating knowledge, experimenting and crafting my skills to be a  chameleon. Lets sit down and talk about what we can create together. 


© Brian Logan 2020

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