I’ve Never Done This, Help!

So you have never hired a photographer, and want to know what is involved.

I get it, the process of hiring a photographer can be daunting and scary. Here is a little look into my process and what to expect, hopefully easing some anxiety.

1) You see what you like, and the price is just right, now what?

Contact me! Email preferable, as I do have a busy schedule, and will

not be able to answer the phone at all times. Who likes playing phone tag?

Tip* To save more time and speed up the process, include your filled out questionnaire!


2) Once contact has been establish, we schedule our sit down to talk about you and the

shoot. We will go over your questionnaire and nail down details like; Location, Style of

Images, Color Pallets, Props, and more!


4) On the day of the shoot, my assistant and I we’ll meet up with you at the agreed

upon location. The rest of payment will be due at this time. Then we will set up, and

begin creating!


Tip* It’s PDX, most places don’t offer public restrooms. If you are planning a

wardrobe change, be sure to be prepared.


5) Hooray the hard part is done! Once we are finish shooting, you will choose

your images right on the spot. This again speeds up the process, helping you get

your photographs sooner. You will also get to choose one image for same day processing,

we all have instagrams, right?!


6) Once you finish selecting your favorites, we part ways.


7) Here is the part where you wait, and I stay up late processing your photographs.


8) You Got Mail! Did i just age myself? Really though, two weeks later you will receive

an email with a download link to your finished photographs! Then later in the mail you

will receive a flash drive with all your selected images with rights released!


© Brian Logan 2020

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